Stolen Moments

Fallon Hopkins is a good country girl. She’s twenty-three, and spends her time taking care of her family, the Farm and going to the Local Farmer’s Markets to sell her sweet confections. This leaves little room for anything else. Her life is happy if not a little boring.

Justin Blackthorne is a New York City transplant, having come to Kentucky to dislodge the silver spoon from his foul mouth. He’s seems like a party boy, covered in tattoos, and piercings, with a life style to match.

Enter Joseph Hopkins Fallon’s meddling father, after meeting Justin he decides the boy may just be the thing to get his daughter out of the farm house and into the real world. Enlisting the aid of his youngest son Peter they force the pair to interact even after a disastrous first meeting.

The pair quickly find they have less to fight about and more to fight for, when the brothers try to keep them apart. Can they conquer the bonds of family or will it all just be Stolen Moments?

Copyright © 2016 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Stolen Moments (County Fair Romance, Book 1)

Justin POV

No food in this shitty little hotel room. That’s what cheap gets you, not continental breakfasts, not for this poor son fo a bitch. What I need after the drunk I went on last night is a good old greasy spoon. Ah fuck me my head is pounding as I scratch my balls, climbing out of bed heading for the shower. I stare at my reflection, my dark wavy hair is every which way, my pale brown eyes are blood red and the circles under them are black as pitch. What the fuck did I do last night?


I hear my name being called from the other room and jump. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t alone. I poke my head out the bathroom door and see not one but two brunettes sprawled out on the bed, where I had been not a minute before. How the fuck did I miss that!

“Hey ladies?” My dick was instantly hard. “I -uh…” I let out a light little chuckle as they started to kiss and fondle each other.

“We’re bored baby.” The one on the left moaned as the one on the right slid her hand under the sheets.

I didn’t need to be told twice, I grabbed the condoms off the dresser and was welcomed with two sets of opened arms. My growling stomach could wait a little longer, my twitching cock had better ideas.


Copyright © 2016 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Stolen Moments (County Fair Romance, Book 1)

Justin POV

I laid her on the bed and she stared at me as I lowered myself down on to her. I didn’t want to just go for it, I wanted to savor her. Kiss her. Taste every inch of her flesh. I pulled the sheet away, and was knocked out by her body. Petite in every way, her pert little breasts were just enough to get a mouth full. I took to them greedily and she raked her nails across my scalp. Leading and pushing me in the direction I most wanted to go. I licked and kissed my way down her abdomen, then stopped just above her pubic bone. I slid down the bed starting at her toes and worked my way up her smooth creamy legs, to her already shaking knees.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I kissed her inner thighs.

“Yup, all good here.” She tried not to laugh as she covered her face, beads of sweat had already begun to run down her sides I ran my arms up under her legs, my tongue sliding easily up between her sensitive folds of flesh. The metal of my tongue ring connecting with her clit

Copyright © 2016 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Stolen Moments (County Fair Romance, Book 1)

Fallon POV

By the time, I finish getting everything on the table all the guys are sitting there quiet as church mice, waiting for me. Taking the only seat left puts me at the end of the table with Justin on one side and Nick on the other.

Daddy says the prayer and everyone begins to fill their plate except me. I’m just waiting for everyone to be done.

I jerk a little in my seat as I feel a hand traveling up my thigh and I cough to cover up my movement. I glance around to make sure nobody is looking before looking at Justin. He’s not looking at me or paying one bit of attention that I’m watching him. Instead his hand just keeps on playing. It travels the rest of the way up my thigh and across my center. I’m going to kill him. We talked about not changing anything in front of them and here he is getting my motor running. Jesus, that feels good. Justin’s hand goes still as I hear something hit the floor. He moves his hand quicker than you can say Jumping Jack Flash. Pete goes under the table then comes back up giving me a funny look.

I can’t take any more of this house today. “Daddy, I’m not feeling so well. So can you have Pete or Nick handle the dishes? I’m going to go home and rest.”

“Okay baby just call me if you need me.” Daddy says and I walk around the table and hug him. Looking at everyone else “Hope you all enjoy dinner. I will see you for breakfast.”

In seconds I’m out the front door and beginning the journey home, today’s events have been enough to practically kill me. Everything between Justin and I. Nick tearing up my boat. Then Justin getting me going in front of everyone. Pete knows something, but what? Jesus Christ it’s hot out here. Once I can see my cottage, I take off in a full on sprint. Opening the door to my quite little home, the first thing I see is Goliath on the couch with Bum Cat curled up next to him. Shaking my head, I turn and lock the screen door, then open my windows. The cat came in it will find its way out. After striping my clothes, I get in a freezing cold shower

Copyright © 2016 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Stolen Moments (County Fair Romance, Book 1)

Justin POV

I arrived back at the Farmer’s Market just after five thirty, expecting them to be all finished. The brothers were missing and it was just Fallon sitting under her tent, I had her present under my arm and I was sort of nervous about giving it to her.

“Hey now.” I smiled as she sat there with her feet propped up with a little fan blowing her hair back behind her.

“Well, hello there, handsome. Uhh, what have you got there?”

“I saw something while I was out and it screamed to come home to you.” I lowered it down into her lap easily carful of its weight. It was silver paper wrapped with gold ribbon and the card tapped to the top. I watched nervously as she took it from me.

“Well it’s heavy.” She laughs opening the card. I hold my breath watching her lips as she reads it.


Days and nights have become a blur of ecstasy for me, you taught me in so short a time trust can be won and that first impressions are not always our best, love can’t happen overnight, and dreams must be fought for if they are to be realized. I hope that you find yours and that I can be a part of them.

All my love,


I freeze as a tear runs down her cheek. “Darling? I’m sorry did I say something wrong?” I kneel down in front of her, searching her eyes.

“You’re perfect… I think first impressions are needed so when you find the one that completely turns your world upside-down you can cherish it more.”

“Well I’d say I flipped you upside down that day, head over feet to be exact.” I teased nudging the gift up toward her hands.

“And it bruised my ass, thank you very much.”

“I’ll kiss is better, later.” I lifted up on my knees and kissed her on the lips softly. “Now please open your gift.”

She rolls her eyes at me, and slowly starts to peel at the tape of the gift, starting at one corner then opening up the other. She pulls the bow off putting it to the side. She’s killing me, and she knows it too as she holds a huge grin while I bob and weave standing back up.

Finally, she gets the paper off and has the set in her lap. “Well?” I ask.

“It’s perfect. How did you know I wanted one of these?”

I scratched my head. “I um, I didn’t. I just saw it, and thought you would love it. With how much you seem to love to bake, I thought this… this is something she could savor. Something she would love.”

“How do you do that? How do you come in and know everything?”

I chuckled. “I don’t, not usually. Typically, I’m clueless, but with you… It clicks. It just makes sense. Like how when your baking you hit a zone and it all falls away? Well when I’m around you it’s like that. All the bullshit just falls away and things become crystal clear. The only other time it gets like that is when I’m up on a high-rise looking down on the city and I can see the homes I have built. The family’s that have shelter because I have these two hands to help. My dreams becoming reality, ya know?”

“What- what are you trying to say Justin?”

I stare at her, I’m not really sure I know. I know that I want for her, that I want her. But I have no idea what she wants, what she really needs. How do I ask?

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