Kentucky Blues

Do you ever wish you were in an 80s movie, where the guy always gets the girl and girl always goes through hell but end result is perfect? Yea well my life is nothing’s like that.

My name is Abigail Greenwood

I live on the wrong side of the tracks. I don’t hang with the cool kids and I actually have to work for the stuff I want. My cokehead mother won’t do shit and my father well he works to pay the bills. Today is just one more day before I get out of this shithole town.

*** Erotic Elements
*** Poly-Amorous Elements


Copyright © 2016 J. Haney Kentucky Blues (A Heart Strings Love Affair, Book 1)


The movie has just gone off and Abi is on my shoulder asleep. I hate to move her, but I know I have to. Standing, I lean over and pick her up. I know there is a cot in the office she can sleep on. She never wants to go home. Given that she could walk in on her mother with any number of guys, I don’t blame her.

Laying her down gently onto the cot, I watch her sleep for a few minutes before walking back into the other room to clean up our mess. I place the leftovers in the fridge with her name. That way she has something for tomorrow, and I clean up her tools and such in the garage.

Once I’ve finished everything, I walk back into the office where Abi is sleeping like an angel. I squat down beside her, lean over, and kiss her on the forehead. I freeze as I hear her sigh. Abs grabs my hand and pulls me onto the cot with her. Shit! She’s gonna kill me when she wakes up. At first, she snuggles into me, her head on my chest and then her hand slips under the back of my shirt, her fingers making circles on my back.

I let my eyes drift shut. She feels so good next to me. Her fingers are starting to kill me, though. It’s like her touch sends a bolt straight to my cock which is now screaming to be let out.

“Vic, why are you always the one here? Nobody has ever been here for me like you are,” Abi whispers.

“It’s because I’m your Ducky, Abi. I’ve always been here, and I always will be here for you,” I whisper back, not sure if she’s dreaming or actually awake and talking to me. That is until she looks up with a tear running down her cheek. She reaches up and kisses me.

It starts out slow and steady. I swipe my tongue over her lip to get her to open for me. She opens up to me and willingly deepens the kiss. Her fingers lock in my hair as I grab her waist and pull her to me. She throws her leg over me and to make matters worse, she’s in a pair of short shorts. I know good and well that she can feel every bit of my cock.

I push myself back a little and look down into Abs green eyes.

“Abs, we need to stop. We keep going and I can’t promise I will be able to stop myself.”

Abs only response is to remove my shirt and start kissing on my neck. She rolls me to my back and sits on top of me, removing her shirt. Her breasts spill over the top of her bra just enough to make my mouth water. Pulling her down to me, I push her hair out of the way and start kissing on her neck and up to her ear. I work my way over her jaw until our lips connect again sending a shockwave over me.

My fingers trail over her shoulders, down her back, and to her bra. With a flip of my fingers, the bra is sliding down her shoulders and hitting the floor. My right hand makes its way to her breast and I rub my thumb over her nipple, getting a moan in response which just made my cock pulse.

Abi’s hands trail down my stomach to the button on my pants. She flicks it open and pulls down my zipper. Her small hands are already on their way to my cock. I moan into her mouth, stirring a giggle from her and another twitch from me.

Flipping her over so she’s under me, her big doe eyes smile up at me. This girl is my kryptonite. Placing a small kiss to her lips, I trail my kisses down her jaw to her neck, my fingers making circles on her sides. Dropping my kisses a little lower, I suckle her nipple, earning me whimper from her. My hands move to the button on her shorts and I hear, “Yes, Please…” from Abi.

Needing no more reassurance, I flip the button on her shorts and pull them down her legs with her panties. I stand to pull off my pants, grabbing a condom before letting them fall. We both look each other over from head to toe. She’s nibbling on her bottom lip as I run my tongue across mine.


Copyright © 2016 J. Haney Kentucky Blues (A Heart Strings Love Affair, Book 1)

Clayton POV

Vic heads up the hallway opposite me and I stop. This is the class I have with Abigail and she is going to have to come by this way from the office. I am determined to talk to her before we are stuck in a room for forty minutes together with Killian.

I’m tucked in the corner when I hear her humming Life’s a Dance. I reach out and grab her before she can nail me in the nuts and without thinking about what the hell I’m doing, I kiss her. I wrap that little five foot three frame up into my arms and part those pouty little lips to my will. It’s as though she senses me because her hands fist into my shirt and she kisses me back, letting me delve into her. It only lasts a moment, but fuck me, it damn near levels me.

I put her down. “Delusions broken,” I whisper with a curt little smile.

She tries to walk away from me, but I grab her by the hand, lacing my fingers into hers. “You ain’t gettin’ rid of me, we got a class to go to. No more runnin’ off. Every time you do, I get into trouble.”

“I didn’t tell you to get into a fight.”

“No, that was Vic and me all the way. Could say we may have even bonded a little.” I laugh, kissing her hand.


Copyright © 2016 J. Haney Kentucky Blues (A Heart Strings Love Affair, Book 1)

Abigail POV

By Tuesday morning the rumors of our relationship had spread like wildfire. By Wednesday, there were claims that Vic had beaten Clayton’s ass and by Friday, they were carrying around pennants and wearing pins that literally read ‘Team Vic’ and ‘Team Clayton!’ All Giselle’s doing, I’m sure. I could give a flippin’ shit about football, but tonight’s game decides if they go to the semi- finals for the championship. Vic and Clayton both asked me to go. So, I’m going.

I swing by Radman’s and Fred raises an eye at me as I grab a tub of axle grease and pull a white wife-beater tank out of my bag.

“Monkey, what are you doin’?” he asks, coming over to me as I grab a paint detail brush from the can too.

“Prep work.” I start smearing the grease on the shirt.

“Team Abigail?” He looks at me with confusion.

“Long story, don’t have the time, gotta get this under the dryer right quick.” I head for the bathroom to dry the top so I can put it on. “I need to represent!” I laugh as I disappear.

I get the shirt on and my face, then I’m back out the door.

“Be careful out there, Monkey!”

“I always am!” I jump in the General and head for the football field. When I arrive, I see more people with team pennants and pins and hell, they’ve got the shit soaped on their cars! I roll my eyes as I pop open my jacket. On each boob, I’ve got my own pins, one for each of my guys!

“Abi!” I hear the unmistakable sound of Adam’s voice over the throng of people and look around, seeing him and Wayde all bundled up with a huge thermos, pillows, and blankets! I look at me in jeans, a tank, and Clayton’s jacket. I run over to them. “Am I underdressed?” I show them my top and they laugh.

“No, but you’re gonna freeze. It’s gonna be like forty degrees tonight.” Wayde tosses me a blanket.

“Good thing I brought Hottie Totties!”

“Hottie whatties?”

“Totties? It’s booze, you’ll love it!” Adam slings his arm into mine as does Wayde, and they escort me to my first high school football game.


Oh, the looks I ‘m getting for my shirt! The whispers, too! Ooh, wee! I’ve never been the center of attention like this. I don’t know if it’s a thrill or if I should be worried. Some people snicker, some leer, other’s hoot and holler, giving me some thumbs up. The teachers don’t seem to like it very much, of that I’m sure. I’ve had about four of those Hottie Totties. They are pretty good, and nice and warm. Which is good, cause the boys were right, it’s colder than a witch’s right titty out here. I’m feeling decent, and my guys are doing awesome! Vic has made three touchdowns and Clayton has sacked the other team’s quarterback four times already! I understand that it’s his go-to move and a very good thing, but I worry about those ribs. He’s gotta be feeling it, my poor man. Suddenly there’s a loud buzzer, a lot of bad band music, and the cheerleaders are going nuts.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Halftime,” Adam and Wayde answer together, getting up. “Time to pee and stretch the legs!”

“Oh, okay, can I go down there?”

“You can try.” They smirk, walking off.

I stand up and the booze hits me. I laugh as I try to not land on my ass going down the bleachers. I see Lagrange, who sees me.

He puts out his hands and into them I go.

“Whoops.” I laugh again as he sets me straight and looks down at me. The look says he’s heard the rumors and is currently reading my shirt.

“Time somebody finally broke you outta your shell.” He smiles at me and I just stare at him, slack-jawed.

He pats me on the shoulder as he walks past me. “Go get ‘um, tiger.”

“Well, alrighty then,” I whisper to myself. As I’m heading toward the field, I can hear whistles and cat calls.

I turn around and it gets worse. “Ah, shut up!” I laugh, which is real intimidating I’m sure, cause they laugh.

As I turn back, I see Giselle and her cheer lackeys shaking their pom poms. Just past them are the guys. I wolf whistle and they both pick up their heads, then they stand up. I wave and they come running over as I hop the fence. Their coach is yelling and their teammates are laughing, and hooting, and calling like the crowd as I meet them halfway across the field.

I’m panting, it’s a long run and they are looking at me like I’m crazy. “Baby Girl, what’ s the matter?” Vic asks me.

“Abigail?” Clayton questions too.

“Nothing, I’m fine, my men are doing awesome and deserve a reward.”

I grab them both by the heads and bring them to their knees. “My men, my terms,” I smirk. Turning my head, I kiss Vic and the crowd erupts. After a moment, I turn my attention to Clayton and the other side of the field goes nuts too! Seems everyone likes a good halftime show!


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