Vegas Lights

What happens in Vegas, never actually stays in Vegas…

Brent Casey aka Brent Jagger is the lead guitarist of one of the best Southern Rock bands, in the world, Fallen Angels. He’s been sober for three years when he wakes up hungover and in a bed, that isn’t his. To make matter’s worse there’s someone in bed with him, and he’s got a ring on that he doesn’t recognize. He knows quickly he’s messed up. Thinking he can just get it annulled he sneaks out of the hotel to be grabbed by his detail and shoved into his car to be taken to the airport they have a gig in Sydney, and will be gone for three months, hoping Lawyers can handle it he’s at a loss as he doesn’t even know her last name. When he finds her, he finds he’s stuck, as she burrows under his skin.

But can this mouthy, Texas girl handle the life of a Rocker? One on the brink of his addictions? Can they move past lust and find love at last?

*Trigger Warning

**Drug Use












Copyright © 2017 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Vegas Lights (A Sex, Drugs and Rock, Book 1)

Brent POV

I OPEN MY EYES AND ITS FUCKING BRIGHT in here. I stretch, roll over and feel someone in bed with me. What the fuck? Christie isn’t here with me. I get a better look, now I know this isn’t Christie. What did I do? I feel weight on my ring finger and I know this is not going to be a good thing. Last night is so fuzzy I need to figure out what’s going on.

This chick, in my bed has dark brown hair where Christie has fire red. Sweet Jesus I hope it’s a chick. I look from the chick snoozing away to the ring on my no- no finger. I never planned to marry, not with how fucked I am in the head. It’s sitting on my ring finger just mocking me. It’s like Look bitch you got married and now you’re stuck with me. The ring is a modern style, black Titanium and fuck, doesn’t it fit comfortably.

I can’t believe I got fucking married. I had been planning to break things off with Christie just hadn’t figured out how. I get dressed and get myself out of the room before she can ever wake.

Just as I step out the door I get grabbed by Blake one of our security guys.

“Have fun, Boss?” Blake asks.

“Dude, I have no clue. I’m not even sure what happened. We’re you with me?”

“Yes, boss.”


“You got married. Cute girl and you two hit it off pretty quick during Mike’s bachelor party.”

“Does everyone know?”

“No, boss. Just Marissa, myself and you.”


“The girl, boss.”

Shit “Blake I need to get this shit annulled like right fucking now.”

“Can’t boss. I was sent to get you for your trip.”

“Fuckin’ Sydney” I mutter “Can we get something like this takin’ care of with me over there?”

“No, Boss. You were completely here when you got married, though. When you decided to go through with it I remember you saying something about Miss Maxwell finally having to go.”

“How many drinks did I have? I only remember four tops.”

“Only five beers before you got yourself hitched but many afterwards. You and Marissa had yourself a party of sorts. I do hope you were using protection because from the sounds that were coming from your room, I’m pretty positive you all were having ya some fun.” Blake says amused.


I’m sitting on the jet, headphones on with music blaring in my ears, we’re only four hours into our seventeen-hour trip. Thankfully Blake made sure I had my shit ready to go. As well as my carry everywhere bag with at least two or more books at all times. Chargers, iPod, laptop, notebooks and pens.

Pulling out my laptop, I glance around to see what everyone else is doing. Kyle, my twin brother and our Bassist is what looks to be trying to get over a massive ass hangover. Angelica, the lead singer and only chick in the band is doing what she does best. Keeping her mouth shut and playing on her phone. Steve, our drummer and the oldest of all of us, is snoring away as per usual. As for Ringo, our Keyboardist, he’s staring me down which could only mean his spotted the ring.

Turning my attention back to the laptop, I email the lawyer, letting him know what’s going on and that he needs to get this shit taken care of as soon as fucking possible. I get an automatic response from him letting me know he’s on it.

The rest of the flight was uneventful, we all did our own shit. We usually do when we are on the jet. I’m dropping Vodka Tonic’s left and right. Of course, they think it’s just the tonic, while my inner mind works in overdrive.

Not sure how many I drank but I’m woke with a hard shake “Wake up little bro, we’re here.” Kyle says.

“Get the fuck off. Fuck can’t anyone sleep around here?”

“You’ve been sleepin’ for the last nine and half hours. Get the fuck up.” Kyle says kicking me in the shin and slapping me in the back of the head.

I rub at my head before my hand is grabbed away. “Fashion statement or did you do something abnormally stupid?”

“The fuck, dude”

“I don’t tell me you married that stupid broad.”

I hear Blake chuckle somewhere close by “Nope this one is much cuter and actually quite nice.”

“What the fuck? Where the hell was I?” Kyle asks.

“Bastard this is your fault. You could have stayed with me and kept me from this bullshit.”

“Excuse me, some of us don’t care about Brent’s dramatics. Fucker always has something going on.” Angelica says.

“Shut up, slut. At least someone fucking wanted me. More than anyone can say for your skanky ass.” I say as I’m standing and grabbing my bag.

“I wasn’t a skank as long as I was sucking your cock was I?”

“Bitch, anyone can suck my cock. That just lets me get my rocks off.” I take the water from Blake as I pass him to get off the jet.











Copyright © 2017 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Vegas Lights (A Sex, Drugs and Rock, Book 1)

Brent POV

Kyle stops and looks at me, “That was Misty Dae.”

“The fuck you talking about?”

Kyle mumbles, “What am I talking about.” He scans his phone before putting it in my face.

I take it from him and low and behold, there is my wife. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

“No, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. You married a stripper.” Kyle is laughing like a hyena.

“Exotic dancer,” I mumble.

“Dude, she’s on a fucking billboard.”

“Kyle, keep it up and your ass is leaving. I’m so not in the mood for your shit today. I need to run before working in here. You coming with or am I going alone?”

“Wow, are we moody. Are you PMSing or did she just get you that riled up?”

“Fuck you,” I say before walking out of the room. I can hear Kyle laughing and running his mouth as I’m walking down the hall.

The forty-minute run feels amazing, but it does nothing for me. I run all the way back to the fitness room and jump on the first thing I see, which is the bench press. I begin lifting and pray it helps get my head back on straight.

Kyle walks over to me. “Woah, wait a minute, let me spot you.”

“I fucking got it,” I grit out.

“Ah, come on, don’t be like that, little bro. I’m just messin’ with ya. She’s hot as fuck. Certainly, hotter than the fire crotch.”

“That’s my fucking wife you are talking about.”

“Wow, we got possessive awfully quick. Does she know that?”

I put the bar back into the holder before standing to look at Kyle. “The chick is under my fucking skin. I don’t know what pisses me off more, the fact that she came in drunk or that I called her princess.”

Kyle’s mouth drops open and he points at me. “A pet name? Are we to that stage? Explain.”

“I don’t know, something about her makes me feel like I’ve known her my whole life.”

Kyle makes a whipping sound. “And you can’t even remember the pussy you got.”

“Kyle, get the fuck out!” I shout at him and hear scraping and barking. Before I know it, here come one of Marissa’s dogs and Shep. They just need to check things out.

“Dude, bros before hos. What’s with the army of pooches?”

“Kyle, it’s not the day. Just go and I’ll call ya tomorrow. Ringo and Steve have an awesome fitness room. Go to one of them.”

“Fine, I’m going… Just remember…” he says, putting his fists together in front of him. ‘Love’ on one hand, ‘lies’ on the other. Kyle walks out.

I go back to my workout and before I know it, I’ve found my way to the punching bag. It feels good to hit something.











Copyright © 2017 J. Haney & S.I. Hayes Vegas Lights (A Sex, Drugs and Rock, Book 1)

Marissa POV

I SLIPPED OUT WHILE THE GUYS WERE talking. I needed a bit of me time, just the drive and some tunes. I get to the club at about eight-thirty, just enough time to pull it all together and get my head in the game for my first performance of the night. I do four sets a night, plus work the floor. As I’m putting on my face, Jeff comes ambling through.

“Hey there, sugar tits, I see we’re cutting it close tonight,” he says, grabbing on my ponytail and pulling my head back.

“Get off me, fuckface. I don’t have time for you,” I spit, yanking my hair free from his grip. I smooth it down and he laughs.

“Aww, you know you’re my favorite girl. Makin’ us a shit ton of money as of late. Misty Dae is really getting a following. You’re gonna be working the VIP room tonight. Gotta keep the high rollers happy too, now don’t we?”

“If you say so.” I try to play it cool. The VIP rooms are a great opportunity to get found. You never know who’s gonna be paying to play. The only downside is it means I’m not starting until ten, which means I have to work the floor for an hour. I hate working the floor, the drunks tend to get grabby after eight p.m. and I’ve had to have a few guys bounced as of late for touching me. They think just because I take it off that they can have a taste. So far from it. I’m a no touch girl. I put my nipple rings in and adjust my baby blue G-string as I stand up. Jeff’s eyeing me. I hate that. We dated for a while, but he got to be too rough and I couldn’t hide the bruises, so I cut him off. If not for the fact that this is one of the cleaner places, I’d already be gone, but Bruce, the owner, promised me the front runner shot, so I’ve stuck around.

I’m working on the floor for about half an hour when I hear one of the girls gasp and work her way over to the bar faster than a jackrabbit. I turn my head and she’s got Jeff by the arm, pointing toward the doors. My eyes follow her hands and in walks Blake, Kyle, Brent, and four other guys. The taller of the other four looks familiar. I’ve danced for him once or twice. That’s when it dawns on me that these must be Brent’s band mates and their security details. Son of a bitch, I’ve been dancing for rock stars and didn’t even know it.

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Ha! This is a fast paced story of what started in Vegas but continues through out the lives of the two main characters.
They meet by chance, fall in love, get married in a quickie-chapel, and lose each other for 3 months. Finding each other again was easy, just follow the directions he left on her phone while they both were in a drunken stupor.
Surely this can’t last, right? I mean, they met and got married in Vegas while drinking, but circumstances bring them together again and they find that it wasn’t just the alcohol that made them get hitched, it was a chemistry they didn’t see.
They both have demons and pasts they would like to forget. Can they help each other through the messes that are their lives? Yes they can, if they decide that they want to keep the marriage alive.
Follow along with this fast paced, engaging and often heart rendering story. I am positive you will enjoy the ride.      – Cheryl Keene

This book is amazeballz!! I love a good rocker story and this one takes the cake! It’s so real, raw, and full of the feels!! I absolutely loved every second of this page turner!! I can’t wait to read more!!!! – Author A.D. Herrick

I enjoyed this book, it was raw, gritty, and they are as screwed up as you would expect them to be. They did make a fantastic couple! Look forward to the next book! – SandraBarg

This story grabs you and sucks you in and holds you tight to the very end, I stayed up until 2am to finish this book because I simply could not put it down. The characters are all well thought out and complement each other and the book flows perfectly at a nice pace throughout. The story line is raw and emotional dealing with addiction, abuse and the mental issues that can come from them. This is a one click must! – Victoria Berfet

Not what I expected, but in a good way. What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, but in a good way a very good way. It was an emotional roller coaster ride to read and I’m glad I read it. What an amazing book these two wrote. I loved it!! – Carrie Stark